About Us

EGT is located in Romulus, Michigan, conveniently located south of I-94 off of Inkster Road. The facility is accessed through Middlebelt Road.

For companies that generate aqueous waste, deepwell injection is a cost effective and environmentally sound method of disposal. EGT utilizes the latest in liquid storage, pumping and monitoring technology to ensure the safest disposal practices.

Liquid wastes received from clients are first stored in above-ground tanks. After analysis, chemical treatment and filtering, the wastes are transferred through the facility’s piping system to one of two fully permitted Class 1 injection wells.

Advanced computer systems with built-in redundancies continuously monitor and control the wells, verifying that they are operating within established safety protocols and permit requirements. In addition to these automatic safeguards, our experienced staff routinely makes visual inspections of the equipment, and annual testing is performed to confirm the mechanical integrity of each well.

Approximately five thousand feet below the facility is the injection zone – the Mt. Simon Formation, a layer of porous sandstone stretching over thousands of square miles. Because the Mt. Simon Formation is sandwiched between layers of impenetrable rock above and below, waste is contained with extraordinarily small (less than 1 in a million) risk to people, animals, plants, groundwater supplies or drinking water resources to people, animals, plants, groundwater supplies or drinking water resources.